Pruning Tomato Plants

A little on Pruning Tomato Plants

First of all, opinions are like armpits.  Everybody has two of them and they both stink and the the more you work in the garden the stinkier they get.

I wanted to write a little on Pruning tomato plants and thought that I would investigate this on the internet.  There are 5 reasons that somebody wrote and everybody has copied it.

Some people say that you should only prune to maintain your plants size.  Depending on how you are growing them you need to vary your pruning.  Thats means, are they in a cage?

Are they upside down?  Are they in a raised bed?  How much space have you allocated for the particular plant?   Some say that pruning will only reduce your production.

All these sound fine.

Remember that this is a plant and it’s reason for being here is to grow and reproduce.

So the reason for pruning is either to keep it within your allocated boundries and/or to help it be more competitive in nature and produce for you high quality fruit.

Some further information for reading.

More to come later on Pruning Tomato Plants

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